Total Care Learning




在菁英課程中, 學生將獲得特殊的教育資源, 並被要求參與更多方面的學術研究和關懷社會議題。本課程旨在參與的學生能運用專案研究和活動策畫以增進個人成長,及先期體驗未來進入世界一流大學的生活。

在這個專案中, 特別關注的是學生的思考、研究和報告技巧。我們將為學生特別指派專案顧問, 他們將指導和説明學生在研究感興趣的領域和分享學生的發現的步驟。”企業學習”過程中學生將有機會與工業界和社會各領域專家們會面和交談。我們也為菁英課程學生開設特別專案課程和研討會, 討論各個領域不同的議題。最終, 學生將在各種活動計劃和管理方面獲得實習培訓和親身體驗。

這項計畫將要求學生付出巨大的努力和個人的時間 (包括週末和晚上), 但也將提供一個偉大的個人成長的機會。菁英計畫既是一種責任,榮譽,也是一種特權, 學生應該認真對待。

Real World Challenges, Real World Value

  The aim of education is to prepare students for future life, and not simply for future school. As such, Elite Class students will be given work that demands production of final results which demonstrably have real world value. This work will include results such as the ability to give live speeches and presentations on learned content matter, exhibitions of work both in and outside of school, and cooperation with outside organizations to complete an event held in public space. Through these accomplishments, Elite Class students will be able to accumulate valuable knowledge, skills, and experiences for the future, at the same time providing attractive supplementary material for university application.

Teamwork, Leadership

  Students in the Elite Class will experience a wide variety of roles, from being a team member to a team leader. Social and communication skills will be an important learning target of this curriculum, and students will be forced into responsibilities which they may be unfamiliar with. Students will be challenged in ways that will prepare them for future life and work.

Planning, Execution, Reflection

  Elite Class students will be given training and experience in completing work-like projects, training their thinking and planning skills. These projects will involve all steps of normally seen business projects, including planning, scheduling, budgeting, execution, and reflection. Through these processes, we aim to instill habits and modes of thinking that will be used throughout life, and will benefit our students for years to come.

Art, Beauty, Attention to Detail

  One of the biggest needs we have identified in high school aged students is lack of attention to detail and inability to differentiate quality and non-quality work. This is partly due to the fact that they have not been trained in these areas and taught to think in this way.
  Through art and design classes, Elite Class students will learn basic aesthetic concepts dealing with colors, lighting, and patterns. They will be exposed to modern practices in design and visual communication, which will aid them in the work in communication, presentation, and marketing in industry and the real world. Through these lessons, students will also be taught to see, appreciate, and utilize details that will allow them to raise the value of any work they take on in the future.

Strong Body, Strong Mind

  Elite Class students will be given a strict exercise and personal time management schedule to follow. The aim is to develop healthy life and work habits that will be necessary for any competitive academic program in the west.